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Retirement Savings

Do you have clients who are ready to create their future? This tool will help them to know how much money they need for their future retirement. Unlike other calculators, you can insert many different factors such as monthly income during retirement, inflation rate, and annual investment rate during retirement.



-Before and during retirement inputs such as: current age, current savings, savings per month, annual investment rate, inflation rate, retirement age, years of retirement, monthly income (in retirement), monthly expenses (in retirement), and annual investment rate (in retirement).

-Retirement inputs are in todays dollars, so you don't have to worry about calculating for inflation!

-A conversion table to show current dollars values into future dollars when accounting for inflation.

-A simple display to show how much money is needed, or how much extra the client will have in retirement.

-Bar graph showing current funding (based on before retirement information), and funding needed (based on in retirement information).

-A chart showing visually money going in and out each year (accounting for inflation and investment rate) displayed in todays dollars.

-A yearly amoritization schedule for clients and coaches who are detail oriented showing the year, clients age, payments, withdrawls, beginning account balance, ending account balance, investment rate, principal, and interest gained.

Retirement Savings

  • Google Sheets

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