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Debt Payoff with Customization

Want your own branding, colors, personalized features, and have it tailored to your ideal clients? I will customize this spreadsheet for the base price, plus $30/hour! Everything will be customized to your exact specifications!


Create a debt payoff strategy with your client in a visual and easy to understand way. Your client will be able to view debt payoff dates, strategies, and payment amounts. Utilizing a debt snowball, avalanche, highest payment first, or emotional debt payoff strategy, your client will be empowered to pay off debt more quickly and efficently.



-Input of up to 15 debts, including details about the debt including: a customizable name, category (credit card, student loan, car loan, home loan, or other), starting balance, minimum payment, interest rate, due date (for minimum payments), stress ranking, and notes.

-A visual chart displaying all debts by category.

-Debt payoff strategy break downs for the snowball, avalanche, highest payment first, and emotional payoff methods. Displays details about total interest paid (including a visual chart), years to payoff, and payoff date.

-Ability to select desired payoff method based on the break down explained above.

-Debts rearranged automatically based on the debt payoff method to display the sequence which the debts should be paid off.

-A monthly ammoritization schedule of all debts up to 30 years.

-A sum of all mimimum payments and the ability to add additional payments (both conistent/every month, and periodic/or occassional payments).

-Clear display of a debt free date.

-Automatic sum of addtional payments needed for each debt every month.

Debt Payoff with Customization

  • Google Sheets

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