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Meet Alisa

The only limit is your mind.


Financial coaching tools creator, entrepreneur, artist, wife, and mother

My entire life I wanted to be an artist. So when I finished college for graphic design and didn't feel like it was for me, I was devastated. I felt directionless and frustrated. Why had I spent my whole life on something that wasn't right for me?

I got into financial coaching through a series of many events. It felt so good guiding people to see money in a new light! When I asked my beta clients what they liked about my program, they said they loved all the visuals, graphs, and interactive spreadsheets. This helped them to understand their money much better than the numbers alone would ever do!

As time went on, I realized how powerful these tools can be. Hand in hand with coaching, they can truly transform lives! I realized I have a unique set of tools with my interest in psychology, and my background in graphic design and coaching. I finally have found what I am meant to do: provide tools for coaches so they can focus on what they truly love, creating a better life for their clients!

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